Hinagpis Ng Dagat (Sigh of the Sea)

Produced by the ABS CBN News Channel (ANC) with support from the FISH Project, this documentary reports on the burning issues facing Philippine fisheries, current measures to address such issues, and the viewpoints and recommendations of the various stakeholders and players in the fisheries sector.  It also includes a special feature on Lagasan Village in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, where the success of a marine protected area has become a source of pride and uniting force for a community learning the ways of marine stewardship amid deeply entrenched traditions of destructive fishing. (Click here to view.)

Ad series

Produced by the ABS CBN News Channel (ANC) with support from the FISH Project, this sustainable fisheries advocacy ad series tackles the following subjects:

1. Biodiversity conservation
2. Habitat protection
3. Impacts of illegal fishing on municipal fishers
4. Poverty in the fishing sector


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The Philippines, one of the world's hottest biodiversity hotspots, is a natural major player in the global effort to reverse environmental decline. As an archipelago, the country offers particularly valuable lessons in coastal resource management.

            In 9 segments,, this documentary provides an eye-opening glimpse of the practices and attitudes in coastal resource use and management in the Philippines as they evolved over time, and a testimony to the country's groundbreaking efforts to recast itself as a 'coast-wise nation'. (Click here to view.)
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