Fishes Feed Us Blog

The blogging session, which ran for three weeks from April 23 to May 14, 2007, generated 77 posts from 11 youth bloggers in Malaysia, the Philippines and New York City. From these posts, we selected the following monologues to be spoken by New York City 5th graders in the premier "Fishes Feed Us" performance on June 5, 2007 on the United Nations Plaza in New York as part of World Environment Day.

Perspective of Ocean Fishes

  1. There was a time when there were many of us, different kinds and sizes. Not anymore. Big monsters came and took everyone away. (Philip – Philippines)
  2. My home is not a living sea anymore but a stinky pool of trash and toxic chemicals, like DEATH following close behind me! (Philip – Philippines)
  3. Boom! Everything seemed to stop. Then I saw fishes floating. Dead. With one dynamite explosion, the reefs, our home, were completely demolished. (Kristine – Philippines)
  4. We are being bombed out by terrorists! We are dying, there’s no place safe for us to have our babies. (Danielle -- Malaysia)
  5. Swim to the nearest marine sanctuary! You’ll be safe from bombs there, and from people’s selfish acts. (Philip – Philippines)

Perspective of Indo-Pacific and NYC Youth

  1. Since the big commercial fishing vessels started coming into our local waters, there are fewer fish, and more pollution. If we can barely survive now, how are the future generations going to? (Francine – Malaysia)
  2. One day we will have to go to a museum to see a fish because we are eating up our ocean's supply too fast, too soon. (Sameena – New York City)
  3. My dad lost his arm when he threw dynamite onto a reef. So now I have to do the fishing. I can’t go to school, what choice do I have? My family has to survive. (Danielle – Malaysia)
  4. I wish some groups would help fishers’ children so that they could go to school. It is every child’s right to be educated. (Angelica – New York City)
  5. Education is the key. If people understand the human consequences of losing the world’s fish stocks, they will try and help stop the depletion. (Jasmine – New York City)