Fishes Feed Us Blog

This blog served as a venue for youth in New York City (NYC) and youth living in the Indo-Pacific Region to discuss the global fish crisis as part of a global public awareness project called "Fishes Feed Us," initiated by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. The purpose of the blog was to make what the NYC youth learned in school about our ocean's dire condition, more real and urgent, while giving the Indo-Pacific youth, who see the fish crisis up close, a world stage for their voices. From this blog will come 10 monologues to be spoken by New York City 5th graders in the premiere "Fishes Feed Us" performance on June 5, 2007 on the United Nations Plaza in New York, as part of World Environment Day.

The blogging session lasted for three weeks from April 23 to May 14, 2007, when 6 youth bloggers from Indo-Pacific and 5 youth bloggers from NYC exchanged views about the fish crisis, telling their stories from the “fishes’ perspective” as well as from their own viewpoints. All posts were screened for scientific accuracy before public viewing.

PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! This blog opens to public comment for a two-month period beginning November 27, 2007. All posts are available for public use for future performances or any non-commercial purpose related to ocean conservation efforts by any group/person that this "model" project has inspired.

This blog was designed and hosted by The FISH Project at as a Premier Partner in the "Fishes Feed Us" project. There may be opportunities for re-opening the blog in the future.


Blog Participants


Marine Research Foundation
Dr. Nick Pilcher
Youth bloggers:
Danielle Pilcher
Francine Pilcher


Masbate City Coastal Resource Management Interpretive Center (CRMIC)
Esperanza Danao
Youth Bloggers:
Philip Joseph O. Alarcon
Soccii Nenotchka R. Tuason
Ralph Cedie P. Fabon
Kristine Yentyl C. Esber


Kochi Konther Asar
Rocket Imtiaz
Youth Bloggers:
Marsha Chowdhury
Sameena Manzu

High School for Environmental Studies/NYC
Nia Rhodes
Youth Bloggers:
Richard Parker Jr.
Angelica Jimenez
Jasmine Wright